We are Coffee Farmers.

We are not importers, traders, brokers, exporters or "coyotes". We are a vertically integrated organization made up of many small-scale coffee farmers that could never have direct access to roasters willing to pay fair prices for their microlots independently.

We have banded together and enlisted the help of some non-farmers to challenge the traditional supply chain, reorganizing the coffee trade in a way that encourages progress for the community and quality coffee for the world.

What does Direct Origin Trading actually DO?

Farmer Support

Coffee producers that pertain to the DOT collective receive our support in implementing measures to improve cup quality, consistency, and the environmental sustainability of their farms. This includes cupping feedback, custom recommendations and guidance in experimenting to improve quality, and hands-on support at the farm level.

Farm-Roaster Logistics & Financing

Direct Origin handles for the farmer the entire logistical process from parchment coffee at the farm gate, dry milling, quality control, exporting, importing, and delivery to the roaster's door, as well as the risk, financial burden, and administration of this operation.

International Marketing

Direct Origin Trading acts as each small farming family's international marketing depertment, sharing their unique flavors and stories with roasters worldwide with the goal of building their brand and establishing lasting allinaces between farmers and roasters.