Finca Arabia – Jairo Hernández

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Jairo Hernández Oliveros

Finca La Arabia

Sevilla, Valle del Cauca

1.5 hectares

Caturra, Colombia, Castillo

1890m (6201ft)

Washed, 24-48 hour dry fermentation with some cherry skins

Patio & Marquesina - enclosed mesh floor

Partial shade of plantains, bananas, and native hardwoods, surrounded by mostly uninhabited, uncultivated forest land, no topical chemical use, minimal synthetic fertilizer use

Lime, strawberry, sugar cane; tartaric acidity; delicate body

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Farm and Family Background

Jairo Hernández is a young coffee producer in a very isolated, largely undisturbed area of the Sevilla municipality of the Valle del Cauca department of Colombia. The area was devastated for several decades by armed conflict at the hands of several insurjent and criminal movements. The silver lining to this awful situation is that industrial monoculture farming practices were not implemented as severely as in many other areas.

Jairo lives on this tiny farm with his wife and young children and grows coffee, plantains, and bananas to get by and raises hens and other fruits and vegetables to supplement family nutrition, as just 1.5 hectares does not produce a great deal of coffee to sell. Due to it's small size, Jairo and his family are able to keep a close eye on every aspect of the operation of Finca Arabia, using no contracted labor. This allows Jairo to ensure a consistently-grown, picked, and processed coffee and for agile implementation of new protocols and adjustments. 

The idea that coffee can be valued for it's unique sensory attributes in addition to physical characteristics is new to Jairo, like most coffee farmers. 

He had always felt he had been dealt a poor hand on his tiny cold farm, having no idea that he was perfectly poised in his situation to begin producing specialty-grade microlots. Receiving support from the coop staff since about 2013 and from our team since 2016, he has swiftly and with minimal investment been able to consistently produce an excellent cup.

Despite significant progress, there are still improvements to be made as Finca Arabia still has untapped potential worthy of uncovering.

Jairo is at the beginning of a long process of quality improvement that we are confident will lead to unprecedented prosperity and stability for his young family.

Finca Arabia is a perfect example of traditional processing and it's potential, when correctly and conscientiously managed, to produce as good or better quality than the industrial machinery of corporate farms that is the envy of many smallholder coffee producers.


Regional Context

Valle del Cauca



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