Joaquín Londoño – Finca El Placer

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Joaquín Londoño

Finca El Placer

Sevilla, Valle del Cauca

9 hectares

Castillo, Caturra

1800m (5906ft)

Washed, 12 hour dry fermentation with some cherry skins

partial plantain shade, large area of native forest, no topical chemicals

Partial shade, plantain and diverse native hardwoods

Nutty, mango, clove aroma; blackberry, grapefruit flavors, bright citric/tartaric acidity

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Farm and Family Background

Joaquín is a dedicated, conscientious, member of the new generation of coffee farmers.  He lives on the farm, Finca El Placer, with his mother, sister, and daughter.  They have a little of everything on this farm, including about 4 hectares of coffee, a large area of native forest they dare not touch, a tilapia pond, about a dozen head of cattle, and an assortment of animals and crops for the family's use.  Joaquín is extremely particular about coffee processing, even bringing his depulper for calibration at least twice a year.  As per the advice of the Tuluá Coop agronomist and DOT, he has been dry-fermenting his coffee longer, resulting in a delightfully fruity cup.

Regional Context

Today it is a joy to scale the central cordillera from steamy Tuluá up to the largely wooded district of La Marina, but it wasn't always this way.  The area was occupied by the FARC for some time, then later by the AUC paramilitary which was no better for local residents.  Many farmers fled for their lives abandoning farms, and only in the last few years are some beginning to return.  Value-added agriculture like coffee is a stabilizing force for the quality of live and civil order of the area.



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