Nelcy Clavijo – Finca el Alto de la Cruz

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Nelcy Clavijo

Finca El Alto de La Cruz

Gaitania, Tolima

10 hectares

Caturra & Colombia

1550m (5085ft)

Washed, 18 hour dry fermentation

Marquesina - enclosed mesh floor

partial native hardwood, plantain, and citrus shade, no use of topical chemicals

 floral, sweet mango, panela, hibiscus, malic and citric acidity, round body

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Farm and Family Background

Finca El Alto de la Cruz, the coffee farm, the family house, and food produciton is a truely a
collaborative effort by the Clavijo family and friends, with 2 women in charge of the coffee
production, Nelcy and Negrita. The Clavijos are from the city of Armenia, about 6 hours north, but
were among the first mestizos (non-indigenous) to come to the then frontierland with coffee seeds
when Nelcy was a child. They have been producing coffee as a family and, though there have
been ups and downs over the years, enjoying a wholesome life in these breathtaking mountains.

Regional Context

Gaitania is famous among Colombians for being the birthplace of the FARC. Gaitania is extremely remote, several hours and geographically separated from the nearest city.  The region is pristine and the landscape is breathtakingly beautiful and unique to other regions of Colombia, with steep, sharp mountain peaks in the shadow of the Nevado del Huila, the perpetually snow-capped volcano that gives Gaitania fertile, volcanic soil.

Due in part to its isolation, the area has been at times a stronghold of the FARC and other insurgent and/or drug trafficking groups, and often a point of contention between opposing armed forces with local residents caught in the middle.  The newly-found fame of specialty coffee in the region is providing a much-needed economic stimulus, improving the quality of life, and providing an alternative to joining insurgent or criminal groups.


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