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  • Free technical assistance to willing farmers.
  • Quality control and analysis.
  • Organize freight from the farm gate to the client´s door.
  • Floats payment to farmer, assuming receivables risk.
  • Colombian export entity (FNC licenced).
  • For US clients, handles import process (FDA registered).



  • Transparency allows us to financially incentivize quality and environmental initiatives.
  • Sense of purpose: when farmers know their coffee is appreciated and compensated, they engage in and are stimulated by their work, therefore are less likely to migrate or send their children to cities in search of more profitable vocations.
  • Rewarding partner farms sets an example for all others.
  • Compensation for farmers not based on global commodities markets allows confidence to invest in quality improvements and overal tranquility.





  • Single small-farm microlots: as opposed to national or regional blends normally available from large distributors.
  • Transparency: Know exactly what is happening at the farm and show to your customers.
  • Direct Contact: We connect you with producers via subtitled videos and bring them personally to the farmer if necessary
  • Visits: We are happy to bring roasters to the farms to meet growers, pending local safety situations.




  • Fair Price for their coffee, depending on cup quality, not the C-Price.
  • Free assistance to make it better and get a better price.
  • Ability to sell directly to roasters without receivables risk.
  • Transparency: know who is enjoying their coffee and where.




Traditional Supply Chain





  • The grower, in most cases in Colombia produces parchment coffee, after harvesting performs depulping, fermentation, and drying. In some cases the farmer only grows and harvests, then sells the unprocessed cherry for a much lower price than the parchment coffee.



  • Classifies quality, pays the farmer immediately, stores coffee until there is enough to market, and sometimes performs dry milling (trilla).



  • Communicates with international buyers, deals with production country regulatory authorities, and depending on negotiation terms, sometimes organizes international freight, finances the transaction, and assumes risk between the consolidator and the importer.



  • Purchases at scale to minimize transportation costs.



  • The roaster periodically purchases manageable chunks of the large blends from the importer who holds onto the bulk of the product sometimes for up to a year.




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  • Baltimore, MD, USA
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  • Pereira, Risaralda, Colombia

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