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You buy from the farmer; we make sure it gets to you safely


We will pay the farmer upfront on your behalf, dry mill, inspect quality, export (FNC licensed), organize freight, import (FDA registered), and deliver to your door… in other words we save you all of the time, risk, and headache of international logistics.
Microlots are only sold fresh from the harvest, so only available for a month or so. Choose from our current lots or reserve one for future delivery. Contact us to request a list of current microlots.
1 sack, or 70 kilos, but we get better shipping rates for 4-5, and better still for 10.
No, we ship directly from the farm to you.
Don´t worry, we quote with international freight included.
We ship anywhere in the world, but we can only act as importer and deliver to your door in the US.
Prices are based on cup quality, the farmer´s cost, and logistics costs, therefore totally independent of the C price and the other commodities exchanges.
  1. We exist to allow small farmers to collectively export independently and reduce costs, so naturally we encourage roasters on the other side to do the same.
  2. We offer volume discounts based on the total order to be delivered to one address, regardless of how many different products and/or separate buyers are included.
  3. You can order a small amount of several coffees and still get the volume discount.
  4. If you only want a couple of sacks but know some other roasters in your area that may want some too, you can combine your order to get the volume discount and we will invoice each end user separately.


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