• Fruit of the coffee cherry, dried according to our proprietary process to create a sweet, tangy, caffenated, antioxidant-rich infusion.
  • Cáscara starts as a waste product and its processing is very labor-intensive, so in buying it from farmers, you are allowing them to increase their income and give their workers more hours using the same amount of land with no additional inputs, just elbow grease.
  • Decomposing cascara releases a substantial amount of methane into the environment, and when it makes its way into waterways, increases CO2 levels, harming marine life and downstream communities that depend on it.
  • By purchasing the product you are preventing both negative outcomes.
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  • We facilitate direct-sourcing of specialty-grade single-farm microlots from the farmer to your door.
  • Lots are always freshly harvested, never warehoused.
  • Complete transparency to share with customers.
  • Diverse regional flavor profiles, all 85+, analyzed by our Q-grader.
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  • Private Label: We can prepare a finished product for you using the beans and packaging that you choose, with your logo, in collaboration with our partners at Swillings Coffee.
  • Branded: For your café, restaurant, hotel, etc. a valued client and partner of our is Swillings Coffee, from farm to finished product in the Colombian coffee-belt, roasted in Colombia, arriving to you an average of 4 days after roasting.
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  • Pereira, Risaralda, Colombia

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