Global Partners

As a producer-focused organization, we recognize the complexity of the globalized economy and that in order to assist as many coffee-producing families as possible, it is essential for us to partner with like-minded organizations around the world to help us channel our members' unique flavor profiles to the people that will most appreciate them around the world.

We are actively seeking to partner with more importers and other organizations that can help us expland the global reach of the farmers we support.

Current Partners


Cobia Global Commerce SAS (Colombia)
This is our proprietary Colombian export company. It exists in order to channel our members' coffees to roasters and our global partners. It is fully registered with the Colombian authorities and the FNC (National Coffeegrowers' Federation) and is capable of processing and exporting large quantities of green coffee and other products.

Café La Patrona (Honduras)
La Patrona is an Honduran ally that allows us to operate the growers' collective there with a small footprint, as local regulatory conditions dictate. We are also authorized to export from Honduras via our partners there.


Direct Origin Trading LLC (USA)
We also operate a proprietary import and distribution entity in USA in order to directly channel our members' coffees to North American roasters.

Langdon Coffee Merchants (Australia)
Our newest alliance is with LCM in Australia, and the first of it's kind. LCM has a long history, great reputation, and the most advanced infrastructure for importation, distribution, and storage of green coffee. We are working in collaboration to channel our members' coffees to Australian roasters while maintaining the same level of traceability and transparency as through our US importer.

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