Ordering Info (for U.S. Roasters)

Are you a non-US coffee roaster, importer, or other entity interested in working with us?
Please see the "Global Partners" or "Partner With Us" pages.

If you are a U.S. roaster, ordering from us is like ordering from any importer. Just make sure the coffee you want is availabile on the offering list and send us an email with your order and a delivery address. We will get a shipping quote from the U.S. warehouse to your address, and send you a pro-forma invoice with the terms laid out. If it’s correct, just reply to the email confirming and we will get your order on a truck the next day!

Yes, we are happy to take forward bookings. We can hold coffee for you at the warehouse for a carry fee that covers the cost of warehousing and financing. If you are interested in reserving coffee ahead of exporting or to continue working with a producer whose coffee you have had in the past, we can offer a discount as we will not have to warehouse or take a financial risk on it!

There is no minimum order! However, we do offer discounts for larger orders and shipping is significantly cheaper the more coffee you stack on a pallet.

There are a few ways you can get a discount:

  1. Volume: the volume-based pricing reflected on the offering list is based on the total order size, not per lot.  For example, if you wanted to try just 1 bag of 6 different lots, you would get the 6-bag price for all of them.
  2. Collective purchasing: If you are located in an area with other roasters that you think could be interested in our coffees, you can purchase collectively and all get pricing based on total volume. As long as there is only one delivery address, we consider it one order and calculate volume-pricing as such.
  3. Referrals: Do you have roaster buds in another area that you think would like to work with us? If you introduce us and they end up purchasing, we will give you a credit that we will discount from your next purchase!

Sure! If you are ready to purchase or will be in the next few weeks, feel free to reach out and request some samples! Sampling is surprisingly expensive for a small operation that uses grainpro, so please only request the best candidates when you’re ready to purchase. Just want to see what kinds of coffees we are working with? No problem, we always have stray samples from sold lots and are happy to send some your way!

We accept check, ACH transfers, andwire transfers free of charge. We also accept credit card and paypal, though additional processing charges may apply.

Checks can be mailed to:
11126 Sheradale Drive,
Kindsville, MD 21087 (USA)

Yes! In addition to the booklets linked in the offering list, when you purchase coffee from one of our members, we are happy to prepare a folder of high-resolution photos, original files of the farm booklet, and tell you anything you want to know about the farm and the family. We are also able to produce blogs, articles, promotional videos, or any other type of media that will help you bring your customers closer to the origin.

We can organize shipping to your roastery address at cost. Shipping cost depends largely on volume, so the more bags you put on a pallet, the better pricing/lb.

We can sell DAP (delivered at place) with carriers that insure over the invoice amount. If you would like to use a deferred or uninsured carrier to reduce costs, we can organize it and sell to you FOT (free on truck) or you can organize pickup from the warehouse yourself.

Absolutely! We can sell you a full container of assorted microlots from our members, conventional association lots, organic certified association lots, or any combination thereof.

Our export companies can sell to you or your import partner FOB, or we can handle the importing as well and unload directly in your roastery or any warehouse.